Craig Keeland is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. His fundamental mission in life has been to help people live better, younger and longer and, as a result, he has helped change the lives of millions of people worldwide. Craig has always added a charitable component to every company with which he has been involved.

As a business man, Craig is always seeking out companies that have a bright future, and are focused on the health and well-being of others. Craig has a win-win-win entrepreneurial spirit: Customers win, employees win, and the ownership group wins. His career portfolio includes companies in North America and the Asia Pacific region as well as time spent in the rainforests of South America where he has discovered secrets to longevity and Living Younger Longer!

As a philanthropist, traveling to those rainforests in 1991, he was inspired by the children he met there, and touched by the need he saw for educational resources, which led him to organize the Andes Children’s Foundation which he founded in 2000. ACF provides much-needed learning materials and teaching tools to 13 schools in the Vilcabamba Valley.

As an author, Craig has written several motivational books; his most recent launching in March 2018. Throughout his life, he has learned tremendously from many positive, successful people. Today, he continues to follow in their footsteps, passing on their encouragement and leadership techniques to others through his writings, motivational speaking engagements and partnering with other successful companies.

Giving Back

A vital part of a successful business. Reaching Out and Helping Others are key components of CK Companies' corporate culture.

The company lives by this motto: We Are More Than A Company, We Are A Cause.

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Commit to Encouragement

Personal growth is essential to achieving a successful and healthy life.

Having overcome strife and negativism in is early years, Keeland turned his own life around.

Today, his faith inspires him to encourage others to become Champions of their own lives.

Compassionate Capitalism

Delivering products that change lives for the better while creating win-win-win experiences for customers, corporate partners and team members.

Leading Others to Better Health is CK Companies' Mission. Making it possible for people to experience Big Improvements in their health is the company's Goal.